Vue.js 0.10.6, and what's next

Jul 29, 2014


Vue.js 0.10.6 has been released! This is another small bug-fix release and will be the last maintainance version before the next major release.


Some of you might have noticed there is a next branch in the repo. And yes, I am re-writing Vue.js from scratch. There are two main reasons:

Take note that the next branch is still in very early stage. The internals will change a lot, and when it comes out it will break current applications. Despite that I will try to keep the API changes to a minimum. Major differences with current 0.10 branch are documented in The list is obviously incomplete and subject to change, some of them are simply ideas, but it at least gives you a taste of what to expect, and I’d appreicate your feedback on any of the topics.

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