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Announcing Vue.js 2.0

Apr 27, 2016

Today I am thrilled to announce the first public preview of Vue.js 2.0, which brings along many exciting improvements and new features. Let’s take a peek at what’s in store!

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March 2016 Update

Mar 14, 2016

Growing Community

Vue’s growth in the past year has been nothing short of amazing. As of today we are at over 15,000 stars on GitHub, over 500k downloads from npm, and over 2,000 users in the Gitter channel. What’s more exciting though, is that the community successfully organized the first London Vue.js Meetup and the first Paris Vue.js Meetup! A big shoutout to the awesome organizers: Jack, James and Eduardo.

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Common Beginner Gotchas

Feb 6, 2016

There are few types of questions that we frequently see from users who are new to Vue.js. Although they are all mentioned somewhere in the guide, they are easy to miss and can be hard to find when you do get bitten by the gotchas. Therefore we are aggregating them in this post and hopefully it can save you some time!

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Announcing vue-cli

Dec 28, 2015

Recently there has been a lot of discussion around the tooling hurdle when you start a React project. Luckily for Vue.js, all you need to do to start with a quick prototype is including it from a CDN via a <script> tag, so we’ve got that part covered. However, that’s not how you’d build a real world application. In real world applications we inevitably need a certain amount of tooling to give us modularization, transpilers, pre-processors, hot-reload, linting and testing. These tools are necessary for the long-term maintainability and productivity of large projects, but the initial setup can be a big pain. This is why we are announcing vue-cli, a simple CLI tool to help you quickly scaffold Vue.js projects with opinionated, battery-included build setups.

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Why Vue.js doesn't support templateURL

Oct 28, 2015

A very common question from new Vue users, especially those who used Angular before, is “can I have templateURL?”. I have answered this so many times and I figure it’s better to write something about it.

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Vue.js 1.0.0 Released

Oct 26, 2015

Hi HN! If you are not familiar with Vue.js, you might want to read this blog post for a higher level overview.

After 300+ commits, 8 alphas, 4 betas and 2 release candidates, today I am very proud to announce the release of Vue.js 1.0.0 Evangelion! Many thanks to all those who participated in the API re-design process - it would not have been possible without all the input from the community.

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Vue.js 0.12 released!

Jun 11, 2015

I’m really excited to announce that Vue.js 0.12: Dragon Ball is finally here! Thanks to everyone who tried out the beta/rc versions and provided feedback / bug reports along the way.

There’s a lot to cover in this release, and we will talk about a few highlights below. However, it is still recommended to carefully go through the Full Release Note and updated docs if you are upgrading from 0.11. You can report bugs on GitHub, send questions to vuejs/Discussion, or join us in the Gitter chat channel.

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0.11 Component Tips

Dec 8, 2014

Note: this post contains information for the outdated 0.11 version. Please refer to the 0.12 release notes for the changes in the API.

The release of 0.11 introduced many changes, but the most important one is how the new component scope works. Previously in 0.10.x, components have inherited scope by default. That means in a child component template you can reference parent scope properties. This often leads to tightly-coupled components, where a child component assumes knowledge of what properties are present in the parent scope. It is also possible to accidentally refer to a parent scope property in a child component.

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Vue.js 0.11 released!

Nov 9, 2014

After the long wait, Vue.js 0.11 Cowboy Bebop is finally here! Thanks to everyone who tried out the release candidate versions and provided feedback / bug reports along the way.

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Vue.js 0.10.6, and what's next

Jul 29, 2014


Vue.js 0.10.6 has been released! This is another small bug-fix release and will be the last maintainance version before the next major release.

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Vue.js 0.10 is here!

Mar 22, 2014

Vue.js 0.10.0 (Blade Runner) has been released! This release comes with many useful additions based on the suggestions from the users, notably interpolation in literal directives, dynamic components with the new v-view directive, array filters, and the option to configure interpolation delimiters. Internally, the codebase has received many refactoring and improvements which makes Vue.js even faster.

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